To date, we’ve logged 17000 miles. That’s back and forth across the US well over five times. It took us two engines, but for a 33 year young vehicle, that’s fun stuff.

We’ve lived on the road for 234 days, 228 of that straight back to back. We’ve got 6 logged in these latest travels. Every day of that is a day counted as “has no other home”. Stick houses they call them.

We’ve been to 21 states, including Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, which we only drove through (truly unfortunately). The rest include Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and all the Gulf States, both Carolinas, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and now Vermont on our way to the rest of New England.

Not to mention an eight month stint in Oregon (with some Washington thrown in for good measure).

Not bragging, just happy.