The Leaving Behind


As our official departure date is looming just two days away, we’ve been knee deep in packing up our life. The amount of stuff that a three person family can accumulate is astounding. Piles of toys, knick knacks, documents and various memorabilia that are just kept in boxes and traded from basement to basement fill truckloads on their way to our local Good Will. And our family is actually quite conservative with what we buy and even what we keep around the holidays. So we began packing and moving and storing and donating and selling things last Monday, only to wrap it all up yesterday, Saturday evening.

And here we are now, a family of three sitting in Pittsburgh’s Amtrak station waiting to catch the train which will in turn deliver us to our new life and home in the RV.

The sun rose over us and the rest of downtown Pittsburgh as we made our way to catch the 7:20am into Johnstown, PA. Realizing it to be our last sunrise in Pittsburgh for a very likely long time, I have to admit a mixing bowl of anticipated overexcitement for the coming and lingering nostalgia for what has been a wonderful run here in the City of Bridges.