The Second Chapter


A week spent in the heatwave that is a muggy Central Pennsylvania June brought some renovations to the old Bus as we gear up for the second season of our outting-as-a-lifestyle we call living in our 1978 Riviera Campwagon Champaigne Edition VW Bus. After leaving our lovely coastal home of Manzanita, OR, where we wiled away the past school year as settling down became a reality due to an unforeseen miracle we call our now four month old baby boy, Winter Erik, we caught a jumbo jet to Pittsburgh and on to Amish country to retrieve the old girl from my family’s farm near Nanty Glo, PA that we might get her into running and loving condition while simultaneously visiting my dad. Oregon was good to us, good enough that we’re already considering altering our longstanding previous plans of moving “somewhere more mountainous” (part of the searching adventure that was to be this summer’s exploits) that we might return to the humming ambience of nightly ocean crashing waves and our wonderful new friends at the Lighthouse and Nehalem Elementary.

For now though, with the aid of my dad’s engine expertise, some newly outfitted gear to house the baby in our travels, and our trusty atlas, we have our sights set on New England. The Lady is looking fine, I’m ready to shed some baby weight, and the road is opening back up to us. I couldn’t be more ecstatic.