The Secret Lives of RV Parks


RV parks are miniature civilizations unto themselves. Like boomtowns, a population springs up and is replaced by newcomers as the old move on to new possibilities.

Your neighbor today is not necessarily tomorrow.

It’s a beautiful thing really. The ability to leave one place to form a new homestead at a whim. Don’t like your neighbors dog? Move across town. Don’t like the weather? Hop a state or two down the line.

I also notice that many people who RV in the campgrounds that we do are not like us. They’re gun toting hunters or 30-pack guzzling fisherman or quiet Christians out for a weekend of peaceful fellowship in the closest thing to woods you’ll find without tent poles.

Still, it’s a broadening experience. As generally liberal folk, learning why the right is so red helps us understand the other half of America who, while they might not share our political and social views, do accompany us along the lines of our love of basic freedoms, simple living for the enjoyment of it. We have more in common with working class camping folk than we do our city-dwelling fellow leftists.

And I enjoy that.