The Way We Drive By


Our life on the road is largely spent locomoting either via Champ (or her predecessor the Dutchess) and on foot as we explore the parks and cities in which we transiently reside. However, travel is like a good diet: mix it up.

In the past month I’ve been fortunate enough to lug around our ex-monster of a home the 29′ RV, ride a scooter 1100 miles down out of the Rockies, take a train across Texas, fly on a big old jet airliner back to Denver, drive the stick shift of a lady VW bus and even cruise around in a swanky new Toyota 4Runner (driving a modern truck vs. an RV/manual transmission bus is insanely easy, you basically just point her where you want to go and let it do the rest.)

Whether exploring cities by public transit, hiking backcountry in beat up old shoes or being toted around by a taxi cab, though, it’s a blast having the opportunity to try out so many methods of moving yourself from one Point A to the next.