Urban Hiking in Austin, TX


This weekend Tristan and I decided to throw on the old backpacks and walk out of Austin to get a little break from city life for a few days (if living in Pecan Grove can be considered “city life”). The map below shows you our route, but the basics were that we left our home just south of downtown Austin to venture to McKinney Falls State Park, about 9 miles southeast of the city.

Through business districts, highway underpasses and the Austin suburbs we did trek, nothing but the basics, a tent and sleeping bags in my pack, Yugi-oh cards in Tristan’s, and the clothes on our back. I’ve never done an urban hike like this before, where you have a destination that involves camping and not just touring a city and returning home. It was certainly different than hiking in the backcountry but to be honest, nonetheless fulfilling. The state park itself was about average as far as state parks go, but all in all for Tristan’s first true hiking/camping experience I felt very good about the whole father-son bonding experience.

And of course, a video of the first leg of our trip will eventually follow!

For now though, enjoy this little map of our journeys:

Urban Hiking in Austin, TX

28.7 miles total, 3 days of hiking.

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