Wand’rly is Thankful for Columbus, Pilgrims and Lewis & Clark


I am thankful for having explored 48 states, including Alaska, and for Europe and England and South America voyages. I am thankful for what seeing rundown trailer parks in Alabama and island ghettos in Belize as much as golden bridges in California and golden sunrises in Maine. I’m thankful for children and a Lady willing to do it all with me. I’m thankful for Kickstarter and for humanity. I’m thankful for two lane highways and wilderness trails. I’m thankful for truck stop WiFi and a free hotel for every 10 from hotels.com. I’m thankful for my lungs and my legs, for freelance Internet jobs and for workamping. I’m thankful for endless West Texas heat and Oregon rainforest drizzle. I’m thankful for having friends spread across this nation to happen upon and strangers to add to that list. I’m thankful for Volkswagen and Airstream, Chevy Vans and Fuji Bikes, Genuine Scooters and Doc Martins. I’m thankful for middle of nowhere Starbucks and cities full of local options. I’m thankful for finding gas on E while driving down US 50 in Nevada. I’m thankful for never having been in a major accident to date, for the kindness of strangers when radiators blow and transmissions catch on fire. I’m thankful for extended family who reserve their judgement. I’m thankful for the guy in Loveland, Colorado who lent us a space heater when Autumn suddenly turned to snow. For the know how to fix an engine in 13 minutes when we broke down on a Louisiana highway in rush hour. I’m thankful for location independence and small town hospitality. For Southern drawls and Pacific Northwest liberals. I’m thankful for Todd Snider and Shovels & Rope. For Roadtrippers.com and Wikipedia. I’m thankful for dogs that are friendly and cats that keep their distance. I’m thankful for my love, the girl of my dreams, and for my mom who sometimes reluctantly inspired me to follow my dreams, even of she had no idea how far I’d take that.

I’m immensely thankful.