We Are Not Fancy


“Did you sell something to live on the road?”

That was one of many questions asked during my interrogation at the Canadian border crossing. The woman doing the questioning was having a hard time believing we weren’t coming to Canada to work, and perhaps more so wondering how such a life on the road as we leave us possible.

So here it is. We’re not rich, we’re not fancy. I work remotely as a web designer. I am self taught and self disciplined to make sure I keep up with my responsibilities while we find our way up mountains, through cities and down the road.

Our children have stains on their shirts from lunch and our fingernails are often dirty from digging in the dirt or fooling with greasy tires. I do well, yes, but we’ve been poor on the road, too. We’ve spent lavish amounts of cash in order to experience cities like San Francisco and, currently, Vancouver, BC, but we’ve also lived on a less than $75 including our hotel room in New Orleans. It does not take a specific kind of person to live as a full-time traveler. Single guys and families of six alike can do it. Conservative or liberal (though most of us tend to be the latter) have found their way into the traveling life. Race, gender and sexual orientation are irrelevant.

The only “kind of person” it takes is one with the drive to make a plan and follow through. Is that you? Do you want to travel? Then you’ve got what it takes.

See you down the road!