Want to Win an iPad 3, $100 gift certificate to iTunes/the App Store and more?

win an iPad 3 + $100 iTunes gift card and more


So if you haven’t heard by now, we’re running a Kickstarter campaign. And we need your help!

So as a little incentive, we’re doing a giveaway to help give people that little extra umph they sometimes need to help a project out.

What are we giving away?

One of our backers was kind enough to donate this item, if we get fully funded by October 31st, the project’s cut off date. Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing: we don’t get any funding if the project doesn’t get fully backed by then!

How do I participate?

To apply you need to do one of the following. Each time you do one of these things, your name gets thrown into the hat that many times.

  1. Back the Project! While you don’t have to back the project to enter, every cent that you contribute to the project counts toward 1 entry. So if you back the project at $15, you’ve just been entered 1500 times! Back us at $150 and you’ll be entered 15,000 times. This is the best way to rank up your chances here, folks!
  2. Share the Project on Twitter. Share http://wandrly.me/kickstarter and mention @wandrlymagazine on Twitter to be entered. You’ll be entered once for your own tweet and once again for anyone who Retweets your post. We’ve even made it easy, just click this link.
  3. Like or Share the Project on Facebook. Head over to our Kickstarter page and click the Like button just below the video (sometimes it takes a minute for that button to load). You’ll be entered once for doing so. Alternatively, Share the post on Facebook (you need to do this manually) and you’ll be entered 10 times for every time you share the post!

Who can enter?

Anyone in the whole wide world!

What if I have already backed the project or shared this on Facebook or Twitter?

You’ll be entered, too! You still get whatever reward you chose as a backer, and any likes, shares or tweets from the past will be counted toward the future!

When will you choose a winner?

The winner will be chosen after our project is successfully funded, so no later than November 1st, 2012! We’ll also cover shipping, handling, etc. to get you your new iPad, though only if you live in the US. International folks will simply have to pay whatever applicable shipping applies.