What you don’t have and what you wish you could


You don’t have to be deep to be real.

There’s no monumental feeling you must get from this sort of traveling life. Yeah, you tend to get it in general, but we don’t have to be hippies on the trail, burnt out and baked in the sun to understand how grandiose a life lived spectacular must be.

Though quite honestly, that super stinky hippie outcome sometimes not only becomes the unchosen reality, but also the warranted badge. You learn to live with the land, and that land claims you.

I dream of unbridled freedom. It’s a hard thing to achieve. Were some good lord to exist I would shake his hand for presenting me the idea.

Freedom is unachievable.

Even if you were a young white available man, there are always things presenting themselves to you insurmountable.

But then again, that’s what freedom is. Being presented with impossibility and spitting a cowboy chaw on the ground in defiance.

I am not free.

I’m just doing my best to find freedom.