Fellow Travelers

Below are a few of our favorite travelers. Some we’ve met personally, others just online, all of them are doing something rad with their lives and if you want more info on how this whole “living on the road” thing works, dive into their various online forays.

Mali Mish 2010

Our favorite (other) family on the road! Cute kids, great people!

Barenaked Family 2001

The family that practically started the whole full-time RVing thing.

Van Go-Go 2010

Young family living out of a conversion van, currently in Mexico.

Bumfuzzle 2003

Family of four who’ve sailed the world, currently full-time RVing in the US.


The Adventures of Dave and Ann (+2 little girls), overlanders, homesteaders and Airstreamers.

Edventures 2008

A family with teenage kids traveling the world.

Wand’rly 2008

Family of six, traveling in a Vintage Airstream, the people behind this magazine.

Aluminarium 2005

Couple previously living out of a Vintage Airstream, now a shiny new one. Creators of Campendium.

Cygnus III 2010

Full-time sailing liveaboard family.

Idle Theory Bus 2007

a vintage, yellow, 1970s Volkswagen Bus A beautiful young couple living in their 1976 VW Bus.

Watsons Wander 2012

an airstream reflecting beautifully the desert Tim and Amanda traveling the US in their Airstream.