The Authors Behind Wand'rly

Wand’rly is owned and operated by a family of full-time travelers. But we’re by no means the whole story. Dozens of photographers and over 50 writers have contributed to the magazine. Here are all of the wonderful people who’ve contributed to the site.

Jo Magpie

31 Blog Posts.

Jo Magpie is a writer and long-term adventurer, with an unstoppable lust for hitchhiking remote mountain roads. She has slept in most conceivable kinds of places, and a few inconceivable ones. Even after hitchhiking more than thirty countries over the past ten years, deserts, 40 ton trucks and mountain passes still make her pulse quicken. Jo is currently working on her first book, The Female Hitchhiker's Handbook.

W. Anderson Lee

22 Articles.

W. Anderson Lee is a nomad in the truest sense. Elusive, reserved and distrusting of the Internet, he rarely, if ever, tweets.


12 Blog Posts.

Alex (Mexico, 1993), also known as Deleuze Taelete, is a traveller, volunteer, plastic artist and amateur mycologist. He lives around the world with his family developing collaborative projects. He graduated in Visual Arts, and is currently collaborating with projects in Wales, Malaysia and Canada.

Kate Zidar

1 Articles. 9 Blog Posts.

Kate Zidar is our resident blogger on all things living and traveling full-time on a sailboat.

Mins Savela

5 Articles.

Mins Savela is a travel writer whose main focus is adventure travel. His passion for wildlife and nature has carried him to many countries in the world. He loves hiking the best trails on earth and sharing his experiences through writing. He hopes his experiences will help more people to start their own adventures and appreciate the world surrounding them a little bit more.

Jenn White

4 Articles.

is an old school full-time traveler, mother of three children homeschooled right through high school graduation, and probably Sammy Hagar's most beautiful fan.

Sydnie Larson

4 Blog Posts.

Sydnie is a born and raised Montanan, with a desire to steal her family back from screens and get them back into nature. There is never a dull moment in our wild, shoeless family, join us for our Roadside adventure.

Sarah Murphy

3 Articles.

Sarah Murphy blames her wanderlust on her parents who used to drive her around the block to help her fall asleep when she was a baby. She's currently working on a travel memoir entitled Library of Memory which chronicles her 300 mile horseback ride from Virginia to Kentucky to learn about mountaintop removal. You can find her on Twitter @meta_murph_osis and Instagram as metamurphosis.

Rhonda Delameter

3 Articles.

Rhonda Delameter, along with her husband Jim and black dog Ryder are currently enjoying life managing a resort on the Oregon coast when not embracing their nomadic hearts traveling through the Western States and Mexico. Follow them at:, or on Facebook or Instagram.

Stephanie K. Stancil

The author, Stephanie K Stancil

3 Articles.

Stephanie K. Stancil has just embarked on a road-tripping adventure with her husband, and their four wild and wonderful children in their self-converted 1978 MCI bus. An expert in technical training, she is a total novice at roadschooling, off-grid living and peacefully co-existing in 250 square feet. Stephanie is learning how to align her time with her priorities and (sometimes) documents the family's journey on Instagram.

Len Wilcox

2 Articles.

Len is an agriculture, environment, and travel writer from central California who has written extensively about the Mojave desert.

Aaron Randolph

a bearded man singing with a guitar

2 Articles.

Aaron Randolph is a writer, songwriter, poet and adventurer. He's written two albums which you can find on spotify or itunes. His instagram is @aaronrandolph.

Jennifer Miller

2 Articles.

Jennifer Miller is in her fifth year of an open ended world tour with her knight in shining armor and four wild, adventurer children. They've cycled Europe & North Africa, thoroughly road tripped North and Central America and are currently traveling slowly through Southeast Asia with just their backpacks. When she's not hand washing for six in a hostel shower, Jenn is writing, or swing dancing under the stars. You can follow their journey at Edventure Project.

John Ryan

2 Articles.

John Ryan is the elusive author of this article.

Jay McCormick

a white-bearded man pilots a plane

2 Articles.

Jay McCormick, his wife Reim and their 2 kids travel the US and Canada full-time in their 5th wheel. When Jay is not hiking, road schooling the kids, or planning adventures he is busy with his IT consulting business.

Bianca Dumas

2 Articles.

Sandra Vincent

a smiling mom with her young child riding on her back

2 Articles.

Sandra Vincent, I grew up in Germany, have lived in many different countries before and after having kids, with a home base in Colorado for the last 20 years. My 4 kids are fluent in both German and English, and being a mom has been my full time job since my oldest was born in 2002. I have learned to go with the flow, to always be curious, and that we have great natural guidance deep inside us, if we can only learn to listen. To connect with me directly, click here:

Jordan Fuller

2 Articles.

Jordan Fuller is a golfer who’s been lucky enough to play all over the country. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast who knows excellent camping spots! When he’s not on the course or doing other outdoorsy things, he’s researching and writing for his website, Golf Influence.

Nina Cunningham

Nina Cunningham, the author, and her family

2 Articles.

Nina, her amazing hubby, and their two awesome kiddos left their conventional lifestyle in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. They call Alaska home during the summer months working as camp hosts in their 5th wheel. The fall and winter months are ever evolving, whether they are traveling through Central America, touring the states in their “lower 48 travel trailer”, spending their days at Disney, or workamping they always enjoy spending time together and shaking things up. You can follow their shenanigans here:

Leopold Huber

1 Articles.

Leopold Huber is the creator of the work and travel platform He is also a traveller who currently lives in southern China with his wife, where they spend their free time looking after the crops at their small plantation.


1 Articles.

Astraveler is from Lithuania. He has been to almost 50 countries and still actively counting. Due to such an interesting travel experience he started a blog to share his knowledge with the world.

Richard Cross

1 Articles.

Richard is head editor of The Dog Clinic. His goal is to promote positive and kind training methods, while encouraging a deeper understanding of dog behavior.

Molli McGee

1 Articles.

Molli is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from writing about tiny houses, Molli loves to be at the beach and eat food (often at the same time). As an avid surfer and beach-goer, she does her best to promote a sustainable way of living. Website:

Sven Chmielewski

1 Articles.

Sven is a writer and--together with his girlfriend Emma--he is traveling the Americas in a VW bus called Big Emma. They document their trip on their blog GoBigEmma and on Instagram.

Marcel Schreyer

1 Articles.

Marcel Schreyer is a French national, a student of English Languages, in his final year at Stanford University. He is exceptionally passionate about writing his thoughts in words. He takes up writing projects in his leisure time to accompany his studies. He is multi-lingual and enjoys every bit of learning and teaching languages. He regularly writes his blogs at

Michael Rubenstone

1 Articles.

Michael Rubenstone is an accomplished theater and film actor, and voice-over artist. He recently made his directorial debut with his documentary film, On the Sly: In Search of the Family Stone. Michael lives in Los Angeles with his two-year-old daughter, Frankie, and his wife, Shannon, who is the better half of their folk musical duo, S+M. He is currently writing his first book—an RV guide to traveling the country during a pandemic. Find Michael at, or on Instagram @wordtothewanderers.


1 Articles.

When Nina was 20 she hitchhiked across the Sahara dessert by herself and she has never stopped since. By now she has travelled to over 70 countries. She has hitchhiked cargo ships in West Africa, canoes on rivers with crocodiles in them on Borneo and has never shunned a few hours' walk over the mountains or through the jungle if there was no road. Many of her stories can be found on her blog which she has been writing for many years.

Lindsey Thompson

1 Articles.

This article was written by Lindsay Thompson as a collaboration between Wand'rly and Galveston Island's Stella Mare RV Resort. It is not sponsored and Wand'rly received no compensation for the article.

Nicole Shuey

1 Articles.

Nicole Shuey is a content- and UX-writer who has always thought of herself as a city girl before she tried something else. After several months of working from the middle of nowhere, it turned out she loves sunsets above the water, riding bikes with kids, and digging into a book next to a fireplace much more.

Michaela Smith

1 Articles.

Michaela Smith is the marketing director at EMPIRE MOVERS, a family-owned and operated moving company with over 15 years of experience in helping people move to the city stress-free.

Andrea Hixson

1 Articles.

Andrea Hixson and her husband Tyler (Wild Hixsons) are full-time adventure seekers taking on the world in their East to West RV. After seeing so much personal growth during their first year of nomad life, they wanted to find a way to use their passions for photography, videography, storytelling, and podcasting to capture all of those moments and share them with the world. The nomad life is challenging, but Tyler and Andrea have discovered that the challenge is part of what makes it beautiful, and their goal is to inspire others to chase after their dreams and always seek adventure in whatever they do.

Matthew Kuhar

1 Articles.

Matthew Kuhar moved from his native Pennsylvania to Colorado in pursuit of big mountains covered in fresh powder. His snowboarding pursuits lead him to the crystal blue of Lake Tahoe and most recently the Pacific Northwest. Obsessed with the ecology of the land, he backpacks with a camera seeking out wild light to capture on film. AVY 2 Avalanche Certified, a drift wood carver and volunteer with Conservation Northwest, where he sets up cameras to track wolverines, grizzlies and wolf packs. He is a true bad ass, one of the rare few remaining mountain men.

Kevin Fagan

1 Blog Posts.

Kevin is the Content Manager at LobsterAnywhere. He's an all-time seafood lover and when he's not fishing for lobster, he's sharing his tips on cooking all types of gourmet seafood at home.

Scott Moses

1 Articles.

Scott is a remote worker, outdoorsmen, and blogger. He escapes New York city as often as possible, often taking his pup on his adventures.

Keilah Keiser

1 Articles.

Keilah is a freelance writer and content creator who covers a variety of industries ranging from travel to business. When she's not working, you'll find her in sunny San Diego hiking with her dog.

Madison Stewart

1 Articles.

I am a mutt of sorts, American born but raised in Britain. This last year, on our gap year before university my boyfriend and I took a 5 month road trip around the US, seeing 37 states (plus parts of Canada) and discovering an addiction to life on the road in the process. Check out the Tarmaca Adventures and follow along on Instagram!

Fabio Brunazzi

1 Articles.

Fabio is sailing on the smallest boat that could fit him, his wife Kate and a cat. When he is not sailing or fixing boats he writes for publications, but mostly for his pleasure.

Joel Serot

a man sitting in the desert in a white t-shirt, back hat and pants.

1 Articles.

Joel Serot is a high-energy, experienced solo backpacker, blogger, and storyteller. His travel site "Globetrot Serot" follows his adventures traveling in Latin America, and sustainable travel practices on farms across the United States.

Hannah Baldwin

1 Articles.

Hannah is Gent based writer who loves to travel solo. She is also an environmentalist and civil rights warrior. When she is not working on projects, or writing she loves spending time her friends and family.

Zahara Jade

1 Articles.

Zahara Jade, M.A. (born Shana Bilfield), is a visionary and creator with traditional education from University of Michigan and Kent State in Clinical Psychology. World traveler, yogini, artist and writer, Zahara has a half-decade’s worth experience immersed in the Far East learning different cultures, religions, and practices of yoga, meditation, energy and bodywork. Her passions of healing through movement, energy, and art began as a personal journey and now extend to inspire global mankind through her writing. All related work, blog, short films, social media links may be found at

Kate Moore

1 Articles.

Kate has been traveling in a campervan throughout the US and Canada for the past 14 months. She blogs about her experiences on her as well as her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She encourages others to join the unique adventure of a road trip journey.

Julie Singh

Julie Singh

1 Articles.

Julie Singh founded with her husband Reet out of a shared enthusiasm for outdoor adventure and travel. In 2017 they left their corporate careers to pursue their outdoor passion and build a better way to get outdoors. An easier way to research top outdoor destinations, figure out how to find gear and adventures, and book it all online. TripOutside's vision is to have a world where people recreate in nature more often and work towards preserving it for future generations. They now explore full-time in their RV, curating top outdoor destinations and making friends with outfitters and outdoor enthusiasts along the way.

Adam R. Moore

1 Articles.

I’m a mysterious new author type guy who's up and coming, and maybe if you’re lucky we can meet at McDonald’s and share a french fry while I’m still relatively approachable. I expect that sooner or later I’ll be contained within some kind of bubble, and visitors might be very limited at that point. Regardless of any theoretical future, I’d recommend living in the present, day by day, word for word.

Garet Stembridge

1 Articles.

is a member of the Internet marketing team at, a leading provider of self storage facilities. In Florida, recreational vehicles can be stored at the Miramar self storage facility.

Connie Perry

1 Articles.

Connie Perry is a mom to ten year boy/girl twins. She and her family set out to tour all fifty state capitals three years ago. They not only accomplished their goal but found a new lifestyle they loved. Connie was a teacher and now can't imagine life without roadschooling. You can check out their blog at

Darla Preston

1 Articles.

Darla Preston is a writer based in Colorado. She focuses on travel tips and loves to help her fellow nomads enjoy their journeys to the fullest. Her favorite pastime is wandering around this big beautiful world with her husband and two blue heelers.

Nadine Reid

Nadine, the author of this article

1 Articles.

Nadine is a tried-and-true handywoman with multiple years of experience in home renovation, fixer-uppers and other, less-exciting stuff like plumbing or DIY woodworking as well. If not tinkering around the house (hers or her friends'), she can be found strolling around the park with her husband Roy and their two dogs Bella and Blitz.

Gary France

1 Articles.

Photographs by . Check out more photos, videos and buy Gary's coffee table book at

Megan Buemi

1 Articles.

Megan works and writes for

Deb Scott

a small dog

1 Articles.

Deb Scott loves to travel and write about her experiences. She believes that traveling is the route of all happiness and hopes that her posts inspire more people to see the world. She is also a firm believer of giving back to society through helping those less fortunate than herself. When she isn’t on the move she can be found with her head in a book.

Michał Jońca

1 Articles.

Michal Jonca is passionate about travel and food experiences who visited 40+ countries on four continents. He is a Travel Leader at the largest Polish travelers club Soliści organizing adventurous trips worldwide and the Community Manager at Passport Photo Online. Currently, he enjoys workation in Thailand and writes his blog.

Michael Sean Comerford

1 Articles.

By Michael Sean Comerford
Special to Wand'rly

Comerford hitched 15,000 miles in 2013-14 for total of 40 states. A former newspaper journalist, he hitched Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and all US states but Hawaii. For more see his blog

Kyle Doran

1 Articles.

Kyle Rutten is a freelance content creator for B&B RV in Denver, Colorado. He loves to travel and spends most of his free time in the Colorado wilderness.

Scarlett Wells

1 Articles.

Scarlett Wells is a freelance writer and wine enthusiast. She is an active critique examining all levels of wine types so she can produce reviews and articles that will help guide every consumer in selecting the right kind of wine to drink. Visiting sites like Sokolin helps her a lot in doing this.

Virginia Green

1 Articles.

Written by Virginia Green. Virginia Green loves a good adventure in the great outdoors, travels as often as possible, and is constantly exploring new things in the local community.

Alexa Nota

1 Articles.

Allen Johnson, Chief Wellness Officer, NPTI Alexa Nota, Editor, NCCPT Soon-to-be road trippers behind exploring travel health, fitness, sustainability and other areas of wellness for the world.

Emma Fell

a rainbow haired young woman, wearing thick black glasses, a purple top and a plethora of wrist and hand accessories sits in a patch of grass between a field and a long empty back road

1 Articles.

Emma is a writer, adventurer, and language enthusiast. Together with her boyfriend Sven, she is currently traveling the Americas in a VW bus called Big Emma. They document their trip on their blog GoBigEmma and on Instagram.

Annie-hannah Mancini

1 Articles.

This is a true story, based on excerpts from Nice Ride! The Trip of a Lifetime. Lessons from the Journals of my Sister, Barb Slaughter, and Next Ride! E-mails, Passages, and Passing compiled and edited by Barb's sister, Annie-hannah (hamr) Mancini.

Alex Wieck

1 Articles.

Alex Wieck is an amateur in every sense of the word. Amateur writer, surfer, adventurer, and, vanlifer. Follow his amateur exploits on Instragram.

Karolina Zając

the author, Karolina Zając

1 Articles.

Karolina Zając is a writer at PhotoAiD. With a background in cognitive science and communication, she is fascinated by how language influences our perception of reality. You're more likely to find her in the forest than at the dance club.