Friendship is a Small Bag of Beautiful Marbles


We can count our truly close friends on one hand.

For me personally, that means a few of guys from high school I’ve managed to keep in touch with all of these years. Our interests back in the day were skateboards and we’ve all grown to love the same basic things: appreciating nature for what it is, the views and the hiking, and emerging ourselves in her bounty.

Renee made some good friends while living in Colorado as well and we circle back to their various places of dwelling–now scattered across the country–every year or so in a zigzag sort of strange bi-annual migration we seem to do.

While none of those people are travelers themselves, we’ve met a few amazing people on the road too. Some of them are migratory, others not. Either way, it’s wonderful to know that there are folks everywhere–for us it’s the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Michigan, PA and Virginia primarily–that we can point our compass toward when we need some fellowship of a friendly nature.

We’re always excited to meet new people too, and to that end we follow some of the coolest traveling cats we’ve found.

And we put a page together featuring all of those folks, so you can follow along too. :)