Goals are for the Weak


Sounded like a catchy title. In reality, I love setting goals, which are simply dreams. Lose 15 pounds? Stop smoking? Learn Spanish?

These are not my goals, though they’re some things I’d like to achieve, they’re just not “next year’s bucket list” quality in my mind.

Instead, I’d like to accomplish the following:

1. Make the year in the Airstream. 12 months of six people able to pick it up and pack out at a moment’s notice is nice, and it keeps us on our toes. It’s much harder to sit around and laze the day away when your living room is your kitchen and you can’t sit down without rubbing elbows with your every family member. While I love the Airstream, I’m getting used to a slower kind of travel, a more immersive experience, and we’ll likely move on from this type of full-time travel to one centered around living in a house for a month or three at a clip. Still, I want to say we successfully made an entire year in the old girl.

2. Back in the Bus. We began our travels together as a family in a Champaign Edition 1978 Volkswagen Bus Riviera Campwagen. It’s a mouthful to say, but the complete opposite in reality: dingy paint, barely runs, and very little room. Still, the Bus is infinitely cooler than lugging a travel trailer around and will always be my favorite means of full-timing. Next summer we hope to load up the babies and make a month or two out of that type of an existence again before setting our sites on destinations outside of North America.

3. Europe. As mentioned above, we’d like to transition from RVing to living in vacation / short term rentals. You get so much better a feel for a place when you live there for a couple of months. Even one month makes new exploration in a particular area feel equally more substantial and less rushed than does a couple of weeks or less RVing. Right now we’re thinking Prague and somewhere coastal Spain, after that who knows?

4. Change up Wand’rly. As we transition from simply a web mag to perhaps more apps for travelers, as we round up the last few “how to get traveling full-time” style articles we want to do, we’ll be moving on to different pursuits. This is my favorite goal, because it is so undefined. It is in itself a bit of an adventure. Books, maps, and apps are at the forefront of the ideas right now, but who knows what the next evolution might be.

In the meantime, I’ll probably continue to smoke, lose little weight and only speak next-to-nothing Spanish. But every night before bed I’ll have a world of thoughts to keep my brain a-swirl before my daydreams give in to those more ethereal nighttime varieties.