Sunset over Tombstone

a dreadlock girl dancing outside of a vw bus near tombstone arizona


It’s a two lanes hill climb up out of the Mule Mountains as we leave Bisbee and the New Year’s celebration behind. There’s rumor of us starting a circus abounding, Shotgun and Gunpowder’s Amazing Fantabulous Miniature Circus, as we pull off the road and open the barn door of the Bus to let the sunset stream all over us.

Bob Dylan cues the air to whisper as we tuck into the first bottles of our six pack of, as always, the best IPAs we could find back in town.

I am in love with this woman, her green blue eyes that hold the seemingly impossible to know and needless to comprehend secrets of the world behind those lashes, and I watch her dance away Tangled in Blue the evening air. We’ve watched miniature Asian women roll through the sky on sheets of silk together, crossed country ripe with shotgun wielding Apache boys, and skirted the off the trail mountain ridges that surround Bisbee Arizona. We’ve shared a New Years Eve flask and nearly every plate of food we’ve eaten together since Colorado.

Tombstone’s cowboys will have to wait for tomorrow, as we’re miles behind schedule and right on time.