Why Subscribe to Wand’rly?


Let me first say this: all of the content, absolutely everything we produce, is 100% completely free.

You can read anything we’ve ever created, and for the last several issues completely ad free, for nothing. We work from a pay-if-you’d-like model.

That said, there are a few reasons we think it’d be swell if you did subscribe.

#1. You’re helping to keep the magazine going. This is all a not-for-profit project. The owners already make a nice little living from another, completely unrelated business. They (meaning my family and I) don’t use money raised to fuel their travels in any way. In fact, every dime raised through subscriptions and our successful Kickstarter campaign goes to paying writers and photographers to contribute. Which leads to…

#2. You’re not just supporting Wand’rly, you’re supporting travel. No, we don’t pay the big bucks to our writers and photographers. We pay about $100 per photo gallery or article. For some that means a one off job that might by a train ticket or some gas money. Others write for us regularly and in exchange for a few beautiful moments of our readers’ lives, they get a bit more income every month. The more subscriptions we get, the more we can pay those people. The more we can pay people to create great articles, like the Mama Bus trip, the more readers we’ll get and the circle just goes around and around.

#3. You’re inspiring travel. If you’re a young woman with a couple of kids, making it on your own, you may not think traveling is realistic. Articles like the one linked directly above help to inspire people to exceed their expectations of what they can and can’t do. We are 100% all about showing people that living their dreams of traveling, minimalism and simplicity are completely obtainable.

Finally, #4. But what’s really in it for me? With a membership, you get a nice little account page that gives you access to two things worth way more than $5. Firstly, you get all of our free mp3 downloads, averaging 5 songs per issue (sometimes way more, occasionally none at all). Further, you get a quick access directory to our most useful “Get on the Road” articles. Again, these are all available for free by searching the site or reading through past issues, we just compile them all in one place to make it easy for you. And yeah, we’re talking about $5. That’s less than the tax on a $15 hotel room.

Wand’rly Magazine is not out to make a living from this whole travel writing thing. It’s here to show those who seek this life how possible it is, and as a creative outlet for those already on the road to reach a wider audience.

Happy trails and that’s that I suppose.