Why We Chose to Find a Class C RV


After much debate and consideration over the size of RV that we should purchase, our family reconciled on a larger model of the Class C variety. One of the largest concerns was that we would need plenty of space if we’re actually going to be living in a vehicle, while I was more concerned about my ability to drive a titanic of a vessel around without crashing the thing into every tree we try and park under or getting extremely annoyed by not being able to handle the thing on the open highway. In the end, though, I believe Tristan was the largest deciding factor over why we should go with a Class C vs. a Class A, and that’s because of the bed above the cab that Class C’s tend to have in them.

The bed above the cab is the perfect size for a young boy – room to sleep and, in many cases, there is some storage up there as well. So he can have his bed and his toys, clothes, etc. all in one space that is clearly defined as his own.

Here’s a little chart displaying some of the pros and cons of the three types of RVs (Class A, Class B, Class C, and Fifth Wheel) that we had ever even considered.

RV TypeProsCons
Class A
  • The most storage
  • The most living space/elbow room
  • The most difficult to drive/handle/park
  • Nearly impossible to navigate through cities
  • No dedicated space for Tristan
Class B
  • Easy to drive anywhere
  • Best gas mileage
  • Not even close to large enough for our family
  • Showers, sinks, etc. often don’t exist or are hard to get to
Class C
  • Dedicated space for Tristan above cab
  • Good balance of space/storage vs. handling/driving
  • Less room overall than a Class A
5th Wheel
  • Can detach from the towing vehicle, which can then be driven easily into cities
  • Since we don’t already have a towing vehicle, this option is much more expensive for us