A Brief Recollection of a Year in Mexico, or Four Seasons with Five People in a VW Bus


It’s been 339 days of living in our VW Bus in Mexico.

I’m feeling sentimental, boarding passes printed and in hand.

When we arrived in Baja last January, rolling alongside the Mali Mish crew, we camped daily amongst palapas big and tall, rickety or full of booze. We watched the surfers reflect in the sunny waters of the Pacific and backed up to beachside free camping for what felt like days and months on end.

When spring came, we crossed the Sea of Cortez by ferry, the Mali Mish crew as well, and we even ran into a few other traveling kind in Sayulita. From there, an eastern trek across all of Central Mainland Mexico, volcanos and small mountain towns, pyramids and national parks, to the Gulf side as continued our scoot into the hottest summer we’ve ever experienced in our no-AC metal box of a house. Summer’s heat came and went, returned and returned again all through our travels in Quintana Roo and Belize, well into autumn.

And so here we are again. Winter is nearly beginning, and we’re hoping the holidays will give us time to float through life without making any definite plans for the future, at least not while the rest of the Western World is walking in a winter wonderland anyway.

Tomorrow, we fly to Florida for Christmas and the New Year, before heading back to Cancun–and our beloved Bus–only to hit these bumpy Mexican highways once again.