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We believe in allowing you to consume our content in the format of your choice. To that effect, we offer the following ways to wander along with us:

The Magazine

You can get the latest issues for free, right here, once or twice a month. Whether you’re sitting on your phone around the campfire or at home on a big ol’ desktop, we aim to give you the best experience for each device.

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The Blogs

The family of six who runs this whole show blogs about full-time traveling, roadschooling, raising kids on the road and the most fabulous places on the continent at Meanderings: The Wand’rly Blog.

Full-time sailors Zidar & Fabio have also blogged on the site about their experiences traveling the world via sailboat.

Jo Magpie writes about hitchhiking through Europe.

And Amanda Bloom blogged about her life living out of a car!