Handbook: Wyoming

daisies grow with temperamental skies and rock formations in the distance


The Cowboy State lives up to its name, and cowboys still roam, whether the real deal, bag ’em and tag ’em on horseback type or showboaters boasting their vacation ten gallons in the state’s trendier areas.

The center of the state, a lengthy basin between two ranges, divides the Grand Tetons, and their lesser known brother to the north, Yellowstone, and the Bighorn Range. While Yellowstone is often comparable to a city at rush hour, when it comes to both traffic by car and foot, the Bighorns are still largely empty, vast wilderness ready for those interested in starry night skies and peace and quiet to explore.

Cheyenne, the state’s capitol, is a seedy underbelly still hanging onto its pioneer ways, not much different from what you may have seen in the TV show Hell on Wheels, if boasting a few more telephone wires and WiFi connections. Jackson, on the other hand, is a rich man’s playground, a hubbub of fashion and feature, the city-center of the gorgeous Teton range, an easy contender for the most beautiful national park in the nation.

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