Handbook: Baja California

a truck camper and a Volkswagen Bus camping beneath palapas in baja california


We were once chastised for referring to Baja as “Mexico Light.”

We accepted the criticism. Mexico is Mexico, as much as Ohio is the United States. And as much as, say, Florida represents the Pacific Northwest, or New York City the Deep South, so is it impossible to classify one part of Mexico as less than the rest. Luckily, such an endeavor would never be my pursuit. We simply mean that Baja is the perfect place for anyone–especially should they be a bit hesitant at the idea of visiting our neighbor to the south in a more meaningful way than rolling up in a cruise ship to all points Cozumel–to get their feet wet.

Play with the language. Live the Hotel California daydream. Camp on a beach and stay open to the cultural differences we’re so lucky to have in this North American landscape.

These are the things we’ve discovered from traveling Baja California’s entirety.

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