Handbook: Mexico

a four wheel drive camper on a ford pickup truck in Baja California


Few Americans seem to brave our neighbor to the south.

In some ways, it’s a good thing. Much of the beauty of Mexico exists in the fact that it is a truly foreign culture, but so close to home. When Americans do get comfortable in some particular area–think Cabo or Cancun–the nuance and authenticity of the place tends to fall to the wayside in favor of a vacation destination “comfortable enough” for English speaking tourists.

But this is a beautiful land, full of diverse people. Many are friendly, and nearly all are willing to help. Most people will greet you in the street. Spend enough time here and you’ll learn to love fish tacos and surfing as much as you’ll eventually grow tired of them. There’s more than just beaches and cheap living here, though. We’ve explored everything from Baja to the Yucutan, and some of the biggest surprises have been the tall, pine tree laden forests of Central Mexico, and exactly how many rumors are so far off base one wonders how they ever got started.

With that, here is everything we’ve ever written about the country.

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