Handbook: National Parks

an arch in a national park of utah


This handbook is aimed at helping you discover the National Parks of the United States.

It doesn’t cover every single park or every activity available in all of the parks. They hand out excellent maps detailing that when you get to the park. This handbook is geared towards what it’s like for those who travel full-time or for extended periods of time, and what it’s like to use the National Parks as anchors for such travels.

For several years, we based nearly all of our full-time traveling escapades around the notion that we’d hop from one park to another.

To do this, realistically, you can’t always camp within the park boundaries. Luckily, the National Parks not only contain the absolute best nature the United States holds, but are typically surrounded by some of the coolest small towns and cheap or even free camping in nearby National Forests and BLM land.

You’re in for a treat.

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